Trace your Dutch roots

Your Dutch genealogy guide

Sources for Dutch genealogy research: An introduction

An introduction to the most important sources for genealogy research in The Netherlands: The civil register, the population register and the church books.

Trace your Dutch roots online

This guide aims to help you find your Dutch ancestors on the internet. It will show you where to find the information you need, but also how to get in touch with other researchers via the internet.

Using Genlias

Common pitfalls

When you trace your roots in Europe you'll discover that every country has its own peculiarities. The most important things to watch out for during your Dutch research are listed here.

A genealogy dictionary

A list of words and phrases found in Dutch genealogy resources, with their English translation.

Reading and understanding Dutch birth acts

A hands-on lesson in understanding Dutch acts. Using the genealogy dictionary, we will try to make sense of a Dutch birth act.

Trace your Ellis Island ancestors into The Netherlands

Another hands-on lesson: We will pick a few families from an Ellis Island passenger list, and trace their Dutch roots using online resources.

Dutch given names

Common Dutch names, their history and origins.

Books section

Lists of books about Dutch genealogy, history, and emigration.

Willem de Kooning, a case study

On this page, I will show you step-by-step how I research the ancestors of a Dutch emigrant to the USA. Join me in my quest to find the ancestors of the famous Dutch-born painter and sculptor, Willem de Kooning.

Trace your Dutch roots blog

A companion to the Trace your Dutch roots website and newsletter, this blog will cover the latest news, hints, tips & tricks, websites, anything related to tracing your Dutch roots.


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