Masterpieces of the Golden Age

Vermeer's girl with a pearl earring


Artist Johannes Vermeer
Title Girl with a pearl earring
Year c.1665
Technique Oil on canvas
Current location Mauritshuis, The Hague, The Netherlands

Johannes Vermeer

Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) was not a very prolific painter - fewer than 40 of his paintings are known, and it is unlikely he painted many more than those. Most of his works are of domestic interior scenes, possibly of his own house.

Girl with a pearl earring

Girl with a pearl earring

Girl with a pearl earring, also known as Girl with a turban, is maybe the most popular of Vermeer's paintings. A young woman with a turban and a pearl earring, looking over her shoulder to see who's standing behind her.

The painting is probably not a portrait (Dutch women did not wear turbans), but a tronie, a study of a head. Vermeer will have used a model for this painting, but it is unknown who she was.

Girl with a pearl earring is on permanent display in the Mauritshuis in The Hague, The Netherlands.